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Aluminum Sputtering Target
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Aluminum sputtering target

Aluminum (Al) Metal

Aluminum is a silvery-white metal with many valuable properties. It is light (density 2.70 g/cm3), non-toxic, and can be easily machined or cast. With an electrical conductivity 60% that of copper and a much lower density, it is used extensively for electrical transmission lines. Pure aluminum is soft and ductile, but can be strengthened by alloying with small amounts of copper, magnesium, and silicon.Aluminum weathers far better than iron, however, because the product of its corrosion, Al2O3, adheres strongly to the metal's surface, protecting it from further reaction. Aluminum have good electrical conductivity, and good thermal conductivity. Aluminum was used very widely in optical , calorifics,  electronical, decorative ...field . BGMT supply many kinds of aluminum (Al) products. Especially we supply many kinds of high pure aluminum products in good quality and lower price. 
Basic Information

Name: AluminumSymbol: AlAtomic Number: 13Atomic Mass: 26.981539 amuMelting Point: 660.37 °C (933.52 °K, 1220.666 °F)Boiling Point: 2467.0 °C (2740.15 °K, 4472.6 °F)Number of Protons/Electrons: 13Number of Neutrons: 14Classification: Other MetalsCrystal Structure: Cubic Density @ 293 K: 2.702 g/cm3 Color: SilverBritish Spelling: AluminiumIupac Spelling: Aluminium


Aluminum (Al) Sputtering Targets
Purity--- 99%,99.9%,99.99%,99.999%,99.9995% >or International tandards type
Dimension --- Discs, Plate, Step ( Dia ≤ 300mm, Thickness ≥ 1mm)
                          Rectangle, Sheet,Step (Length ≤ 600mm, Width ≤ 250mm, Thickness ≥ 1mm)
                          Tube( Diameter< 300mm, Thickness >2mm, rotary target, plasma spray on steel tube )
Application --- Conductive film in IC's. High reflectivil mirrors and reflectors on glass. In oxidized interference filters,TFT Interconnects(5N),IC Interconnetcs(5N5),Bulk Accustic Wave Filter(5N5),TFT Interconnects(5N5).

Aluminum (Al) Evaporation materials 
Purity --- 99.9%,99.99%,99.999%,99.9995%or International standards type  
Density at 293 K--- 2.702 g/cm3    
Melting Point--- 660.37 °C     Boiling Point--- 2467.0 °C 
Shape---Pellets, Cylinder, Taper, Wire, Custom-Made
Dimension---Pellets (1-5mm); Cylinder (Ф3*10mm、Ф3*3mm、Ф6*6mm); 
                        Piece 0.2-15 mm; Wire  (0.2-15mm); Taper, Custom-Made
Evaporation temperature---Vapour pressure at 1000℃ 1 Pa, at 1120℃ 10 Pa
Solubility--- Soluble in acids and alkalis.
Properties of thin film---Refractive index at 550nm; 0.82
Hints on evaporation--- Evaporation with tungsten boat
Application--- Reflection coatings. 

Aluminum Thermal Spraying Wires ( Al Wire )
Purity --- 99.99, 99.999%
Dimension--- Diameter (0.6~3.17mm), Custom-Made
Application --- Coating material, Reflection coating, Package...

Aluminum Thermal Spraying Powder ( Al Powder )
Purity --- 99.99%  Shape --- 300mesh, Custom-Made
Application --- Coating material, Reflection coating, Package...

Aluminum (Al) Rods
Purity--- 99.99, 99.999%   
Shape--- Rods
Dimension--- Diameter (30-120mm), Custom-Made

Aluminum (Al) Foils
Purity--- 99.99, 99.999%     
Shape--- Foils
Dimension --- Thickness (0.075~0.5mm), Width(≤500mm), Custom-Made
Application --- Electron alumium foil, electrode foil, 

High Purity Aluminum (Al) Ingots
Purity --- 99.99%,  99.995%      
Shape --- Ingots
Application --- Primary used in electronic industry, aviation industry, spaceflight industry, communication machine.....

Supper HighPurity Aluminum (Al) (  )
Purity --- 99.999%,99.9999%       
Shape --- Ingots,wire,sheet,sputtering target,evaporation materials,rod,pellet
Application --- Primary used in electronic industry, aviation industry, spaceflight industry, communication machine.....